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Benefits of Bamboo Clothing For You & The Environment

Besides being the main food source of adorable pandas, bamboo is an extraordinary natural resource that has been widely used across Asia. For centuries, Koreans have used bamboo salt for cooking and as a form of traditional medicine, which has now gained global popularity. Because it is a highly versatile natural resource, bamboo has also been an important material for constructions, transport, and more recently, an exceptional option for modern textile.

Here’s why bamboo clothing is better for you:


1. Wonderfully soft comfort

Imagine being wrapped in a soft, silky, and luscious fabric. Pamper your skin with the gentle touch of bamboo fabric that you just can’t get enough of.

2. Less stress over sweat

It’s good to sweat it out but it doesn’t necessarily feel or smell good, especially when you’re NOT at the gym. Natural fabric like bamboo fabric is an excellent option as compared to synthetic fabric and cotton because it's better at absorbing sweat and most importantly wicking away that moisture, so you feel less sticky and less icky.

3. Stay cool even when you’re under the hot sun

You won’t be craving for a breeze to cool off or pinching your t-shirt and fanning yourself with it because bamboo clothing offers excellent ventilation and helps to regulate temperature, so you feel good all day long. Bamboo fabric also offers natural UV protection up to 97.5%. Go ahead, dance in the sun.

4. A friendly option for sensitive skin

It’s tough living with sensitive skin or eczema, and it’s frustrating when your brand-new outfit causes you to go into an itching fit. Synthetic fabric, heat and sweat are among the main causes of irritating flare-ups. Naturally hypoallergenic, bamboo fabric is a game-changer. Bamboo fibers are mad